GTA LEAKS Reveals Cancelled Games such as GTA Tokyo

gta cancelled games

GTAV’s source code has revealed multiple games that were canceled or shelved and might come after GTA 6 including Bully 2, Agent, Midnight Club 5 and GTA Tokyo for PlayStation 2 (cancelled).

Rockstar has had a hard time with leakers and hackers in recent times. Between GTA 6 getting confirmed much earlier than intended to the various leaks surrounding the title in the leadup to its formal announcement, it’s been hard for the developer to keep projects under wraps.

Hearing the news that Rockstar cancelled 8 story mode DLCs for GTA 5 will be incredibly disappointing for the fans.

It was simply more profitable to allocate further resources to GTA instead of developing single-player content which would have generated minimal revenue in comparison for the company.

GTA 5 Leaked Source Code

The source code was uploaded on Twitter/ X by a user who also shared the photo showing cancelled games.

The size of these DLCs for single players differs, but the largest ones would have had a significant impact. Based on the information in the files, there might have even been a completely new city.

It wouldn’t have been new to the series: GTA 5 had once considered going back to Liberty City, the location of GTA IV and GTA Chinatown Wars.

Credits: Rockstar Games

Numerous loyal GTA 5 enthusiasts were curious about the arrival of single-player content in the game. However, individuals who meticulously examined the leaked source code files found evidence of various single-player DLCs that were ultimately scrapped.

When GTA IV was a new addition to the series, game developers were highly enthusiastic about creating single-player DLC to extend the storyline of their game.

Credits: Rockstar Games

Although there are still a few developers who continue to do this, the live service business model has mostly dominated even in the realm of story-driven content.

Some loyal fans of the series were eager for single-player DLC to enhance GTA 5, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Credits: Rockstar Games

Although leaked files in the source code indicated that DLC was being developed at some point, and there were plans for a GTA Tokyo game for the PS2 that got canceled.





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