Hackers Leak Sony and Marvel’s Exclusive X-Men games deal

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The Insomniac data breach has revealed Sony signed a deal with Marvel to make exclusive X-Men games until the end of 2035.

Marvel fans hold on to your seats! Sony has signed a deal with Marvel that will result in the production of exclusive X-Men games until 2035.

This exciting collaboration comes hot on the heels of Sony’s successful release of the Spider-Man game in 2018 and gives fans plenty to look forward to.

The deal was revealed after cybercriminals hacked into Insomniac, the studio responsible for the acclaimed Spider-Man game.

What’s in the Insomniac leaked documents?

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The document details development and marketing spending for each X-Men game, Marvel’s royalty, which varies depending on the nature of the sale (physical, digital, bundle), and the terms of a potential termination. Platforms are, as you’d expect, PlayStation and PC.

According to another slide, Marvel’s Wolverine is due out in 2026, and the first X-Men game is due out in 2030.

An extended roadmap, possibly out of date, slates a third X-Men game for 2033, suggesting the Wolverine game is considered Insomniac’s first X-Men game. There’s also mention of Wolverine Online (2026) and X-Men Online (2028). There’s word of a provisional fourth X-Men game, too.

Leaked documents also revealed Sony’s plans to bring the X-Men universe to gaming platforms in a big way. While this revelation was unexpected, it has certainly got fans buzzing with excitement.

The X-Men are a popular group of Marvel superheroes who have been around since 1963. Based on the leaked documents, we can expect plenty of X-Men-centric narratives, unique gameplay elements, and cutting-edge graphics.

The scope of the collaboration is profound, and it’s exciting to think about all the possibilities the X-Men universe can offer in a game setting.

Industry experts have lauded Sony for their impressive Spider-Man game, which set the bar high for superhero games. With Marvel on board, Sony has the potential to create another franchise that will captivate its audiences.

While we don’t have an official release date for the X-Men games yet, the fact that Sony has secured the rights to the IP for 15+ years means that fans can expect a lot more X-Men action in the future.

So, keep your controllers charged and your eyes peeled for more updates. The X-Men have landed, and it’s going to be an exciting ride!





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