Everything About The Super League and Why UEFA & FIFA are Afraid of it?

the super league

The European Super League, officially The Super League, is a proposed seasonal football competition for club teams in Europe.

Initially, the league was supposed to include 20 teams, with 12 of them being founding members of the competition. The league was created by a commercial enterprise called the European Super League Company.

This company aimed to rival the UEFA competitions, such as the Champions League, which is currently Europe’s top club tournament.

In 2018, Florentino Pérez began discussions with other clubs in Europe, mostly clubs from Spain, England, and Italy, about the idea of a “breakaway” competition meant to provide “strong financial backing” for all the clubs involved.

Official Format of The Super League

  • All matches will be FREE to Watch.
  • 64 Clubs
  • 3 divisions (Star, Gold, and Blue) with promotions and relegations.
  • Two phases: League and playoffs.
  • Open Competition
  • LESS matches to protect players
  • MASSIVE income for all participators
  • All the founders of The Super League can be RELEGATED.
  • A minimum of 14 guaranteed European matches per club.
  • There are no guaranteed spots to anyone anymore, it’s all based on Sporting Merit.

Why UEFA and FIFA are worried?

FIFA and UEFA Presidents (Credits: VCG)

UEFA and FIFA run major tournaments like the Champions League and World Cup. With the Super League siphoning off the best players and fans, these events would lose their shine, weakening their global grip on the sport.

The Super League promised guaranteed cash for the elite, turning football into a closed shop for the chosen few. Smaller clubs, who relied on playing the big guys for income, feared being left in the dust.

UEFA and FIFA took this matter to the European Court of Justice but the decisions turned against them in the verdict from the European Court of Justice.

European Court of Justice confirmed that “neither UEFA nor FIFA can impose sanctions on clubs that participate in alternative competitions”.

European Court of Justice (ECA) also stated: “The judgment in no way whatsoever supports or endorses any Super League project”.

The Super League CEO Bernd Reichart

Super League CEO Bernd Reichart: “UEFA-monopoly is over. Football is FREE. Clubs are now free from the threat of sanction AND free to determine their futures!” “For fans: We propose free viewing of all Super League matches.” “For clubs: Revenues and solidarity spending will be guaranteed.”

Barcelona’s statement on Super League: “FC Barcelona wishes to express its satisfaction with the sentence of the European Court of Justice assessing the Super League project.”

“As one of the clubs driving the Super League project, FC Barcelona feels that the sentence paves the way for a new elite-level football competition in Europe.

“Opposing the monopoly over the football world, and wishes to initiate new discussions as to the path that European competitions should take in the future.”

Looking at things turning in favor of Florentino Perez and other founding members of The Super League, the league could start very soon.





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