Tinder’s new subscription plan for $499? Is It Worth the Swipe Right?

tinder select

Tinder just tossed a grenade into the dating app world with its new $499-a-month subscription plan called “Select.” But before you drain your bank account for a chance at love, let’s dissect this exclusive offering.

What is Tinder Select?

Think of Select as Tinder’s velvet rope section. Only 1% of the most engaged users get an invite (no application process, it’s by their mysterious algorithm).

Select is Tinder’s exclusive membership that gives you unrivaled access to the absolute best of Tinder.

With Tinder SELECT, you get access to these unique perks:

tinder select
Tinder Select
  • Direct Message: Up to 2 times a week, you can send someone a message without having to match first. Note that you can only send a DM via the Likes Sent tab, you can’t send a Super Like at the same time and some users may opt out of receiving DMs.
  • Skip The Line: People you like will see your profile unblurred in their Likes You grid, even if they don’t have a Gold or Platinum Tinder subscription. Your profile also remains prioritized on their Likes You grid for 7 days.
  • Special Status: Show off your membership with an exclusive SELECT badge. If you’re not interested in adding this badge to your profile, you can opt out of it in your Settings.
  • SELECT Mode: See and be seen by Tinder’s most sought-after profiles, so you can enjoy more exceptional connections.
  • VIP Experience: Membership spots are limited to less than 1% of users to ensure you receive the most exclusive experience possible.
  • Early access: Be among the first to test special new features in advance.

You’ll also be able to hide advertisements and see the Likes you’ve sent in the last 7 days.

Note: SELECT membership perks are only available on the Tinder app, not Tinder.com.

How to apply for Tinder Select?

To apply for a SELECT membership, your profile should meet the 5-Point Select Screen for profile quality and engagement. Your profile must:

  • Have 5 Interests
  • Have 4 pictures
  • Have a bio of min. 15 characters
  • Indicate a relationship goal
  • Be Photo Verified

Note: For now, Tinder SELECT has limited availability, and not all Tinder users have access.

Is Tinder Select Worth it?

girl with tinder

That’s the million-dollar question (well, technically $499). Here’s a reality check:


  • Increased Chances of Matching: Rubbing shoulders with the dating app elite could land you dates with your dream connection.
  • Time-Saving Features: Skip the swiping frenzy and message directly, freeing up your precious time.
  • VIP Treatment: Feel like Tinder royalty with exclusive events and features.


  • Steep Price Tag: Let’s face it, $499 is a hefty chunk of change, almost enough for a romantic getaway.
  • Exclusivity Concerns: Is Tinder creating a two-tiered dating system? What about the regular folks?
  • No Guarantee of Success: Even with all the bells and whistles, finding love is never a sure thing.

Tinder Select is a bold experiment, that tests the limits of luxury dating. Is it worth it? Ultimately, it depends on your budget, priorities, and dating goals. If you’re a high-flying single ready to invest in your love life, go for it. But for the rest of us, the free version or a lower-tier subscription might be just as effective.





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