Jon Rahm Joining LIV Golf Will Hurt PGA Tour

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As per reports from Telegraph and the WSJ are both reporting that Jon Rahm will be joining LIV Golf as early as this week.

The reigning masters champion would get over $500 million — more than the entire 2023 PGA Tour prize pool. That’s a huge blow to the PGA Tour, especially with their December 31st merger deadline with LIV Golf fast approaching.

How Will Jon Rahm’s Move Impact the PGA Tour?

According to reports, Rahm is being offered a staggering $500 million to join LIV Golf, a sum exceeding the entire 2023 PGA Tour prize pool. This astronomical figure highlights the financial muscle of LIV and its ability to attract top players.

Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm’s potential arrival would be a huge coup for LIV Golf, significantly boosting its credibility and legitimacy. Currently, LIV faces criticism for its ties to the Saudi Arabian government and its perceived disruptive influence on the established golfing landscape.

For the PGA Tour, the loss of Jon Rahm would be a major setback. Rahm is not only a world-class golfer but also a fan favorite and a key figure in the tour’s marketing and promotional efforts.

His departure would undoubtedly damage the PGA Tour’s brand and reputation, making it even more challenging to compete with LIV’s financial resources.

Jon Rahm’s stature as one of the world’s best players would add star power and lend credibility to LIV’s ambitions.

Rahm’s potential move could be the catalyst for major changes within the PGA Tour. Facing increased competition from LIV, the PGA Tour may be forced to re-evaluate its structure, prize money, and scheduling to retain its top players and attract new audiences.

Adding another layer of complexity to the situation is the December 31st deadline for a potential merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

Jon Rahm (credits: USA Today)

While a merger seems unlikely at this point, Rahm’s decision could influence the negotiations and increase pressure on both sides to reach a deal before the deadline.

With Jon Rahm on board, LIV Golf tournaments would become even more competitive and exciting. Already boasting a lineup of top players like Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau, LIV would further solidify its position as a serious competitor to the PGA Tour.

This heightened competition could ultimately benefit fans, who would witness some of the world’s best golfers battle it out week after week.

As of today, Jon Rahm’s decision remains unconfirmed. However, the potential consequences are already being felt across the professional golf landscape.

Whether he joins LIV or not, one thing is clear: the world of golf is entering a new era, and the path forward will be determined by the decisions made in the coming weeks and months.





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